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Data Analysis Project The objective of this project is to conduct statistical analyses to address a public health topic using appropriate statistical methods covered in this course. You will have an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding and application of all the statistical concepts and method learned in this class. This document will provide details for this project. Topic and Dataset Your topic and dataset should be forwarded to the instructor no later than end of Module 5. Each student must identify his/her topic and dataset; topics and datasets will not be assigned or provided. An important part of the project is to identify and to gain access to an appropriate dataset. The best dataset is one that you are familiar with from past work to address questions that you have not addressed before using the same dataset.

• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – including the National Center for Health Statistics NCHS public use data files and documentation o o – FEDSTATS (federal statistics locator) • – U.S. Census Bureau • – World Health Organization

its a power point presentation

The presentation should include the title slide and references slide in APA format. Presentation should follow APA guidelines. If you need further assistance on APA format, please feel free to visit our University Writing Center. The required components of the presentations are listed below: • Title • Abstract (structured and not more than 250 words) • Introduction (should include your premise, research question, hypotheses, etc.) • Methods (including sample size considerations, statistical analyses “step by step”) • Results (including at least one figure and one table) • Discussion (interpretation of your results and further explanation of your results) • Limitations • References