You are going to write an essay on the following question:
Mass tourism has created more problems than benefits. Discuss this statement by providing examples from
India and from Australia.
Word Length: 800 words (+ or – 10%)
Format: Font size 12, Times New Roman
You must use a minimum of 8 resources for this essay: four from class and four from your own research.
Use credible resources about India
Tasmanian is riding a tourism wave, but are some people being left in its wake?
How to save tourism from itself

The growth paradox: can tourism ever be sustainable
Tourism Satellite Account-Summary of Key Findings 2018-2019
4/12/2021 [In Process] 64152 – You are going to write an essay on the following 3/4
Please highlight according to as follows
1. topic sentence (blue)
2. supporting sentences (green)
3. supporting detail (yellow)
4. concluding sentence (if present) (pink)
5. Underlineall the linking words and phrases
6.Bold face the in-text citations

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