Write an informative essay about a social issue affecting the United States. Some examples of social problems are poverty, discrimination, abuse, bullying and other issues that affect society. In the essay, define the social issue, give a historical background, and possible solutions to the issue. The purpose of the paper is to draw attention to the social issue, explain the seriousness of the issue, and give possible solutions to the issue. The audience for the paper is your classmates. The essay should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. The essay should be based primarily on research and should include a works cited page with no less than 5 sources: two scholarly journals, one newspaper articles and other sources of your choice. We will discuss types of sources in class. The tone for this essay is formal; therefore, do not use first or second person pronouns. Use MLA documentation style throughout the paper, MLA heading, in text citations, and works cited page.

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