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Take your complete response on Assessment #1 question #8 and share what you found. Give your height and percentile on the Normal Curve for reference.

The response to question #8 was:

Question 8: Height and Society

The U.S population exhibits significant disparities in height among American men and women with the average height for men standing at 5 ft. and 9 inches while that of women standing at 5 ft. and 3 inches (Cable, 2004). The differences in height have also brought differences in society, particularly in the job markets. According to the study conducted in the U.S, height differences result in a gap between earnings with the study estimating an average of $789 per year for taller people (Cable, 2004). The issue of height has been linked with leadership roles, self-esteem, and discrimination among the community. In regards, to men, being short is considered a disadvantage because it has an impact on their self-esteem as well as discrimination at places of work (Paxson, 2009). Short women, on the other hand, do not receive much discrimination but they face fewer opportunities in securing an executive job as compared to tall women (Paxson, 2009). Also, tall women are more likely to get jobs as an air hostess as compared to short women. The study shows that being short places one in a financial disadvantage in society due to fewer job opportunities.