Max Weber theorized that bureaucratization was a key force driving the development of capitalist society (see “Bureaucracy” and “The Types of Legitimate Domination”), and GeorgeRitzer extended Weber’s ideas through his concept of McDonaldization (see “A Introduction toMcDonaldization”). Write an essay that a) Defines bureaucracy and bureaucratization,rationalization, and rational-legal authority, b) Discusses the positive and negative effects ofbureaucratization and rationalization on the experiences of individuals engaging withbureaucratic organizations, and c) Analyzes how one specific organization (e.g., FAU, the
Department of Motor Vehicles) does and does not exhibit bureaucratic and rationalized qualities and how this positively and negatively impacts the people who engage with that organization.
Write a 5-6 page (double spaced) paper thoroughly answering all parts of the prompt. Your essay should demonstrate that you have read the required materials (i.e., must engage with the relevant text(s), not just rely on what was presented in lecture via powerpoint), understand the core course concepts, thought deeply about those concepts, and creatively applied them to your own experiences and/or current events. Definitions of key terms should incorporate selective and judicious quoting and/or paraphrasing of relevant course readings, preferably primary texts from the theorist being discussed. Examples in body paragraphs should be supported by empirical evidence derived from secondary sources (e.g., popular media reports, official websites, journal articles) and/or personal experience). Analyses should be your own, not adapted from drafted analyses by other people. All materials used should be properly cited (see below).

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