Choose a behavior that was once considered a moral issue (considered right or wrong) but since has become amoral (a behavior that is neither moral nor immoral) or immoral (against the current moral code in society). You can also go the other direction, something that was once immoral but now it is no big deal. Some examples are living with a significant other before marriage, eating meat or being a vegetarian, smoking cigarettes, using profanity, disrespecting the elderly or older members of one’s family, etc. Please think of your own idea and use something from this list if you cannot.
Your full 5-6 pages, not including the mandatory Works Cited page, must use outside source material as evidence for your argument, choosing from both EDS academic journal articles and reliable websites like published periodicals and government sites. Do not use random, commercial websites. Be aware of moral agendas within the sources you find. MUST BE IN MLA FORMAT.

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