For the argument paper:
Remember, short or improperly cited papers will not be passed and papers with paraphrasing will not be passed. Also, remember, no 1st or 2nd person writing is accepted in the course. The main thing I am looking for is proper citation of direct quotes. However, for the argument paper, do not worry too much if you cite something incorrectly in the body of the paper or if your Works Cited page is flawed because you get to completely revise the paper, and the new grade totally replaces the old grade. Paraphrasing will not be accepted. Only direct quotation will be accepted. Also, remember, 75% of a paper must be written in your own words. Four sources are required, so papers with fewer sources will not be passed. Moreover, do not quote in the introduction or conclusion. Quotation is supporting details, facts, and examples; therefore, it should be placed in the body of the paper. Finally, make sure to double-check your argument paper against the rules of citation posted in Canvas and in the book.
Here are instructions for the argument paper. In an argument paper, you have to give an opinion in the thesis statement, but you will also have to confront the opposite side of the position in the paper. Below is some information to get you started.
Possible thesis:
Although some people believe that human cloning should be legalized, it should remain banned because it is immoral on religious grounds, involves human experimentation, and cloning could create a slave society.
Each of the points in the thesis should be turned into body paragraphs supporting your side, position, or opinion. You must take a side in an argument paper and your thesis must state your position clearly. The thesis is where you state the position of the paper.
This would not be an argument thesis because it only promises to talk about one side. Human cloning should be banned because it is expensive, immoral on religious grounds, and it could create a slave society.
This type of thesis would be used in an exemplification paper, which is a paper that takes a position and uses points to support that position, yet it does not bring up opposing or different arguments and positions. It also has a personal point in it, being that it would be expensive. Expensive is subjective and personal for each person, so it is not a factual, logical, or rational point that can be researched academically. Points in an argument must be able to be checked, tested, verified, and/or measured objectively without personal spin or bias.
Now, here is the tricky part. Not only should you support your side, but you must also confront the opposition and their strongest arguments against the points you have in your thesis. In other words, if you quote something from the Quaran, Tora, or Bible in support of not playing god (yes, I have spelled ‘god’ with a small g because I am referring to anyone’s belief system), then you must also refute the opposing view. The other side might say, for instance, that open heart surgery or heart transplants are also a form of playing god, so why or how is the issue of cloning different? You must confront this question and/or argument directly. You should not simply dismiss it or call it a ridiculous comparison. To refute this claim, you should either explain why your logic/rationality is better or explain that their argument is flawed or false in some way. For example, you might say that heart surgery or heart transplants are not actually like playing god because god had already created the parts. When humans start creating the parts and/or other humans, then they are trying to be like god, and only a god can create. Humans may modify or try to fix the parts of a human, and, yes, this may seem godlike, yet only a god can create. Therefore, not only should you state and support your view, but you must also state, confront, and refute the strongest opposing views, and you should do this for each point.
Two sources should be used to support the position and argument stated in the thesis statement. The other two sources should be used to quote and refute the opposing arguments. For example, using cloning again, if you believe it should be banned, quote two arguments that explain why it should be or remain banned. After that, use the other two sources to quote opposing arguments. For instance, quote two arguments or explanations about why cloning should be legal and the benefits of it, and then refute those arguments and explain why they are illogical or irrational. Do not just state both sides and explain the arguments. Argue for why your position is the most logical position to hold and support it with two sources and quotes. However, after you explain why your position is the most logical position to hold, you must quote and refute arguments from the opposing side. Do not just explain or announce both arguments or positions. In short, take a side, state it in the thesis, argue for it and support it with two sources, and then quote and refute different or opposing arguments with two sources.
Paper topics have to be critical topics, so do not do a comparison of beaches, favorite restaurants, or why pizza tastes good. Also, do not do obvious topics, such as people should not drink and drive, people should not commit crimes, or smoking is bad for people. Look at the news and at national or global issues. Your topic should also not be personal, meaning that should not write about what your favorite flavor of ice-cream is, why you like going on picnics, or which amusement park is the most fun to you. Papers and their topics should be objective and based in academic research and facts, not subjective and based in personal feelings, opinions, assumptions, speculation, and emotions. In short, leave personal feelings and opinions out of papers because they are not reasons, explanations, or logic. Just because you feel or personal believe something does not make it true, false, logical, illogical, moral, immoral, or right or wrong. Feelings are not explanations, logic, or facts. Leave all personal feelings, emotions, speculations, assumptions, and personal beliefs out of a paper.
Those are the instructions for the paper. I chose death penalty and am writing in favor of. I downloaded how it needs to be set up into the materials. It needs to be in times new roman size 12 font double spaced. 4 sources are needed with two on each side of the argument.

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