I’m working on a Biology question and need guidance to help me study. INTRODUCTION Reading news articles or websites about science is a great way to learn about new ideas, discoveries, and research. But some sources of information are not as good as others. Before believing information from the news, you need to figure out if that information can be trusted. This activity will show you how to determine if a source of information is trustworthy. First, you’ll answer some questions about a science news article. Then, you’ll use your answers to decide whether that article is trustworthy. Finally, you’ll identify the main ideas of the article and respond personally to those ideas. You can use the methods you learn here for any news articles to help you know what news to trust.PROCEDURE1. Pick a news article that involves science, or get an article assigned by your instructor. If you are picking your own article, it can be something that you saw or that a friend or relative mentioned to you. The article could be from a printed source, like a newspaper or magazine, or an online source, like a website or blog.2. Before reading your article, complete the following table. When multiple answers are shown, you can circle,
Requirements: depend on my question

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