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The paper consists of 3 questions and all 3 questions must to be answer.

Question 1:

Please write a double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 3 page MLA format essay on The Gender Gap at Home and at Workplace.

What explains the persistent gender gap at home and at workplace in Japan? Compare two to three existing explanations for the puzzle and critically discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. Which approach do you find the most convincing in terms of the evidence and logic? Alternatively, you can discuss conditions under which one approach does better than the others.

3 resources are provided and needs to be include in the essay. Feel free to go beyond the assigned readings.

Question 2:

Please write in double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 4 pages and in MLA format.

I. Briefly summarize the Japanese government decision reported in the media on December 26, 2019 (One paragraph).

II. Actors and Their Policy Positions (“Preferences”) (Maximum Two Pages)

(i) Who are the major actors (international and domestic) supporting and opposing this Japanese government decision and what are their policy positions?



Not Known/Not Reported:


(ii) Focus on domestic actors in Japan (not international communities, international organizations, international NGOs, or foreign governments). Explain why these actors have policy positions that were reported in the news by discussing the readings in the course. Are their policy positions consistent with what the readings/lecture have taught us? If they differ, discuss your thoughts about why they differ from what we expect from the existing literature.

III. Which actors do you think ultimately have had more influence over the Japanese government’s decision? Cite relevant readings or evidence to back up your analysis on who are more powerful than others. (One Page)

Question 3:

“Mini” Research Using Mini Research Template

For this section, you will conduct a mini-research on this event and prepare and submit 6-9 slides from your PowerPoint presentation condensed into maximum two page pdf document.

What is missing from these newspaper and scholarly articles? Find something that you would be interested in finding out about this event that was not discussed in the newspaper articles provided below. Do some preliminary research on it using newspaper database, library, and Google (Google, Google Scholar). Briefly summarize the question you wanted to find an answer to, how you went about finding the answers (i.e., sources) and your preliminary findings. Don’t forget to cite! And no Wikipedia as a source, please.

Work citations must be done fully and accurately. All sentences must be paraphrased, easy to read and clear.

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