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The current event article (published between 2015-present) should relate to one of the themes or topics being discussed in the module; the article can relate directly to the time and place under review or it can relate to the
themes or issues being discussed.

Each current event post must be 75-100 words and include:

1) an active URL link for the article

2) a short description of what the article is about

3) an explanation of how the article relates to the module’s readings and themes.

4) comment on at least two other students’ posts.


1. View lecture PowerPoint

Lecture material is the intellectual property of M. Gonzalez-Meeks and is to be used for study purposes only.

2. Read textbook American Horizons Vol. 2, Concise 1st Edition

Read all of Chapter 15

American Horizons, Vol. 2 Concise-1.jpg

3. Participate in the Module 1 Discussion Board

4. Watch the following film clips:

“Battle Cry” (26 min)

“The United States Comes Apart” (3 min)

“The Politics of Emancipation” (6 min)

“The Challenges of Rebuilding Southern Society” (4 min)

“Rebuilding African American Family Structures” (2 min)

“System of Sharecropping” (3 min)

“Obstruction of Voting Rights for Southern Blacks” (4 min)

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