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Glover, Humanity, Part IV

For this week’s Discussion Board, read PART 4 of the book then please choose ONE of the following options and write a 3-4 paragraph response making sure to refer to the text.

Reply to one student.

  1. According to Glover why is it the case that authorities are determined to keep the traps of war in place? Consider the current wars taking place in the world. Syria, Ukraine, Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq,. Discuss the ways that authorities are showing their determination to keep the traps of war in place. What are the traps, currently?
  2. Focusing especially on Chapter 20: What is acceptable to show about the violence of war in photographs and videos? Glover discusses many examples of the kinds of violence in war that is not shown to average citizens “on the home front.” (chapter 20). What is the result of not showing these images? Do you think these images should be shown and explain your answer to this question. (see especially p. 172 regarding Iraqi civilians burned to death by an American missile strike.).
  1. Based on the reading (Glover Part IV), list as many traps as you can of the First World War. Choose one that is especially of interest to you and explain the cause as Glover discusses it. Analyze Glover’s discussion. (chapter 21)

cite specific passages in the assigned texts to discuss, explain, defend, or amplify your analysis.

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