For this paper, you will write a paper comparing and contrasting the decision making, judicial philosophy, their
relations with other Justices, and cases authored of two members of the U.S. Supreme Court, both of which
must be from the book The Oath: The Obama White House and the Supreme Court. For this paper, you will
want to bring in material from the two books assigned in class, but also you will do some outside research
about the Justices that you choose, including discussion from at least one of each of the justices’ cases in
which they authored a majority, concurring, or dissenting opinion.
In addition to this, you will want to write based on your research, the books, lecture and facts this question: did
the voting behavior of Chief Justice John Roberts differ in any cases (and overall) from what it may have been
had been Associate Justice John Roberts (as he had originally been nominated for)?
This paper should be a minimum of 6 pages, double spaced with standard margins and 12 point font size. You
may use any recognized academic citation method. However, you must have a separate works cited page (this
does not count towards the page limits). Papers should be properly proofread, and those with bad grammar
(including those that do not use proper nouns correctly, will be penalized). Papers should view the minimum
page requirement as more of a hard and fast rule that students that may be more verbose that may exceed the
limit. Also, keep in mind rules against plagiarism and their possible penalties.
As far as sources, you should have cited at least the following:
Each of the two books assigned from the course (Carp, et. al. and Toobin);
At least one case from each Justice you chose (this cannot be the same case for both Justices, but you can
choose cases that are on the same issue);
At least three other sources outside those in items #1 and #2; one of which must be an actual book.
To make things easier, I have attached a list of the justices that you may choose from the book.
This paper is worth 28% of your course grade.
List of Justices for this paper

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