Be sure to follow the paragraph and sentence requirements. You can go over on paragraph/sentence requirements but don’t go under the paragraph/sentence requirements.   Also, separate each section of each question. All 3 questions need to be answered.




1.   Read the article  Scurvy: The Scourge of the High Seas Remains at Large Today Click here (Links to an external site.).  Write a 3 paragraph (4 sentences each) summary of the article.  Why do you think it took so long to discover vitamin C was the cause of scurvy (3 sentences)?  


In the module section  chapter 3 # 5.6, read the article, More than half your body is not human.   Write a 3 paragraph (4 sentences each) summary of the article.  What was meant by the statement “bugs as drugs”?   What part was interesting to you in the article and why (3 sentences)?




2.  Read  the article Denial By Parents, Kids Contributes to Childhood Obesity located in module section, chapter 9 (11.7).   Write a 2 paragraph (4 sentences each) summary of the article.   What 2 facts did you find most enlightening and why (3 sentences each).  


Read the article Diet showdown: Keto versus Mediterranean. Which won?   It is in the Module section Chapter 11 (13.16).  Write a paragraph summary (5 sentences ) of the Keto diet and a paragraph summary (5 sentences) of the Mediterranean diet.   Who won the showdown and why did it?  (5 sentences)    




3.   Watch the following 2 videos  CBS 60 Minutes Science of Sleep part 1 (Links to an external site.)



Watch CBS 60 minutes  Science of Sleep  part 2 (Links to an external site.)


Write a 3 paragraph summary of each video (5 sentences each). What was of interest to you in each video and why was it of interest (4 sentences each).

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