Movie Setting Description The setting of the movie is in one of the small islands of Greece. The island is called “Kalokairi”. The movie showed that the island is like a haven for all the distressed people because the island has a breathtaking view and the environment itself is just refreshing. The setting is a typical Greek environment wherein there are donkeys, concrete villas that are square-type, and the up and down slopes. It is an ideal place to wake-up every morning because of its peaceful, clean, and preserved environment. {draw:frame} Skopelos is a relatively unspoiled island catering to British and Greek tourists.

It’s considered an “expensive” island by Greek standards, definitely not catering to the backpacker crowd. Skopelos was best known for its plums, pears and pine trees. Skopelos is also considered as the greenest and the freest island of Greece for the fact that it really is a small paradise. Type of Business Operated Problems at Present and at the Future Villa Donna faces a lot of problems that is vital to the operations of the hotel. These current problems may result to more serious problems in the future. Donna is concerned on the numerous problems that her hotel is facing.

I can think of several major problems that she is facing now. Second is ACCESSIBILITY. This is a major issue is the movie. We all know that there are no airports located on the island or even bridges connecting the island to the mainland. The only transportation available is by sea. The problem is that there is only one transfer and the next is in a couple of days. One solution that I can think of is that Villa Donna should schedule more transfers and make it daily so that tourist cannot be burdened with only one transfer. This factor is one issue that tourist take into consideration before they go to different places.

Just like the problem of the two leading men, they were late so the boat left them and the next transfer was for a couple of days. They’re just lucky the other guy has his own boat. Fourth is DEPARTMENTALIZATION. Departmentalization will definitely help the operations of the hotel. By delegating tasks of the staff, they can be more efficient and productive than just letting them work anywhere. Donna should have different departments in her hotel so that each person can watch his or her department very well unlike Donna; she does everything, from plumbing to covering off the crack from the floor.

Another thing is that Donna should provide trainings to her people so that her staffs know what they have to do. Donna should also provide her staff seminars that can give information on different cultures because some of her staffs are not yet exposed to different people. These people might find some things offensive but for other people it is actually nothing to be alerted for. Fifth is CAPITAL. Of course how do you implement these things but with money. Everything revolves around money. Donna should devise a plan on how to get the capital she needs to properly operate her hotel.

Donna should pay all her debts and maintain a good account with suppliers so that it is easier for her to order things from the suppliers. Actually Donna really wanted to update her hotel but she really doesn’t have the resources to do so. When you combine all these problems, another major problem will arise, the TOURIST ARRIVALS. Of course where do we get the money to spend on these upgrades but with the money we can get from the customers. Without the customers, the hotel won’t survive, which means no business.

Economic, Socio-cultural, and Environmental Impacts. Positive and Negative Impacts ECONOMIC IMPACT. Well, with Donna’s hotel at hand, there will be a possibility that jobs would be generated. A hotel needs people for it to run successfully. Lack of people for a hotel is risky and may result to malfunction of the hotel. Donna’s hotel can generate more income to the island meaning it can boost up its island economy. Who would benefit, but the locals of the island. Donna can help the locals by providing job opportunities for them.

These opportunities are for the local agriculture. Farmers can supply Donna fresh produce and meat, and fishermen can supply seafood. With this, everyone is happy. Take note that these people should solely depend on tourism itself. One day, tourism can go down and so as to the people who depend on tourism. Market the Property First is that Donna should brand the place so that the place could be known for that. Since the place is very romantic, it is possible to brand Villa Donna as the ultimate romantic destination.

Since the environment is very warm and the place is just romantic. Since it is the information age, Donna should exploit all resources possible to market her property. Just like what Sophie’s fiance said that he’d wire the place to the Internet and make online advertisement. Nowadays everyone has social networks, so why not exploit and make use of these social networks such as Facebook, Multiply, Friendster, Blogs, Twitter, etc. Make accounts to these social networks and invite people and advertise the place. Donna can also use the wonders and mythologies of Greece.

It is said before that Aphrodite’s fountain stood to that island. They believed that anyone who can drink the water from the fountain could find their true love, which adds to the romantic side of the island. Donna can use this and make anything that is related to Aphrodite. Donna can also depend on word of mouth from people who go there and from family and friends. Donna can also give out fliers and brochures wherein more information about the hotel is written. If she wanted a hardcore promotion, then Donna can go to any hospitality publications and make an ad there.

Increase Tourism Expenditures One-way to increase tourism expenditure it that Donna should provide activities on the island. Donna can make activities that have something to do with the waters such as snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, banana boat, and other activities imaginable on the waters. She can also do live entertainment every night so that tourist can enjoy the days and nights of the island. Another thing she can do is to tap the locals. Host Greek festivities or activities in your hotel so that locals can go to the island. Provide the local with once a week concerts with local artists.

Surely the locals will like it. Donna can also arrange weddings because of the romantic chapel up the hill. Donna can do a lot of things to increase tourism expenditure. The place itself has a lot of potential. Sources http://gogreece. about. com/od/greecemovies/a/mammamiamovie. htm http://www. mammamiamovie. com/main. html http://www. eturbonews. com/6841/money-money-money-greek-island-mamma-mia-draws-tourist-hordes http://www. skopelosweb. gr/english/villas. html http://www. holidayislands. com/skopelos/ http://www. gdrc. org/uem/eco-tour/envi/index. html

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