Philosophy has been around since the 6th century touching many subjects like existence, mythological, supernatural or unexplainable explanations. Yet, philosophy has been an unknown or foreign word for most peoples lives never care to consider or think about. Although Philosophy concerns open ended questions with ultimately no answer, I think Philosophy will benefit peoples lives because it will help individuals expand their minds and understand the mysteries of life and death themselves.

The question now brings, “How does the study of Philosophy better our lives?” The subjects I plan to discuss is how Philosophy can improve peoples tendencies to not fall into the misperceptions but to enlarge our own conceptions about questions, how Philosophy can ultimately improve our persuasive powers and writing skills, and that Philosophy is an attempt to understand the fundamentals of life which can ultimately better ours. (Russell, 2018)

It’s so easy to have misconceptions or closed-minded ideas about explanations, which has its own advantages, but the ultimate value of Philosophy is being open to ideas and revising once biased beliefs. People often want definitive answers, like a science. Science is useful to the numberless of people whom seek definitive, physical answers, where as Philosophy helps enlarge our own conceptions of the questions themselves and holds value to it.

Philosophy provides careful organization and planning when making up an argument or premises. Philosophy ultimately helps individuals convince someone something and defend our statements and give a clear, convincing conclusion why your argument is valid.

According to the University of Alaska Fairbanks,“Philosophy provides training in the construction of clear formulations, good arguments, and apt examples. Its thereby helps one develop the ability to be convincing. One learns to build and defend one’s own views, to appreciate competing positions, and to indicate forcefully why one considers one’s own views preferable to alternatives”

Philosophy can be applied to pretty much any venture, and can help you as a person not only creatively, but logically too. We humans have a strong tendency to believe whatever we are told as children and not question it. That makes great evolutionary sense, right? Children whom did not believe their parents when they say, “Don’t walk in front of a car” probably won’t survive and live a normal life. Now children that believed it the first time and later on were like, “I wonder if my parents were right about walking in front of that car” would be at a similar disadvantage. Now, you can see why its a useful disposition to have on a survival standpoint.

On the other hand, many things parents told children aren’t true, like telling kids bad kids get coal on Christmas, that its illegal to drive with a light on. It’s that we are justified to accept these propositions without question, which turns into a justified true belief.

Sometimes we discover these things by science or experimentation, but some of them stick around however and particularly the habit of not questioning anything or critically thinking about things running through our minds, things that would be hard to think, “how do we know that we know that that is true?” “What is knowledge?” Which is where Philosophy comes to play. All the non empirical stuff that people take for granted, we think critically about that (e.i., beauty, morality, God, time, supernatural, magic)

Philosophy is important because so many people are kept down to about thinking these possible thoughts and reluctant to challenge ones self thoughts, or even challenge what parents and grown ups have told them as kids about subjects like homophobia, sexism.

It’s easy to be oppressed by someone else thoughts when you don’t get the change to explore your own and ask yourself if these things are indeed true. If you want to learn your own truth and get lost in thought about endless possibilities of explanations, then you’ve got to learn the art of Philosophy. We all are gifted with the privacy of our own thoughts and knowledge, its time to use it and discover endless possibilities.

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