The authentic text is a feature article that lists the things that can be done in Koala Lump for free. The types of activities mentioned include food and drink, travel, culture, shopping and exercise. It consists of over 1000 words. The text and its following tasks are designed for intermediate learners. The majority of learners in the class are from the Middle East and are currently residing in Koala Lump. Many of them have not been in Malaysia for longer than 3 months and are still discovering the surrounding areas of the city.

The text would provide titivation and purpose for the learners to overcome challenges in order to read its content. The language used in the test is written in concise sense units (Or, 2013, Pl 39). The sentence structure is generally simple enough that reading it will be without hindrance. Much of the content is general enough that students will be able to utilities their background knowledge to glean an overall understanding of it as a whole (Our, 2013, IPPP). This would be true despite some of the more challenging vocabulary.

The vocabulary used in the text should provide students with enough challenge suited for gist reading, scanning and detailed reading. As such, tasks can be designed with enough variety as to encourage them to practice and use different reading strategies (Our, 2013, IPPP). It is hoped that these tasks will allow students to practice using top down reading skills in the English language just as they naturally do when reading in their own native language. PRE-TASK In response to this, to get the students oriented to the subject matter, we get students thinking about things they can do for free.

The lesson would begin with a question to the students: Have you done or received anything that was for free? As a follow-up to the above, students WOUld be given a cutout of the headline to the given text: 20 Things To Do For Free in KILL. With it, students should then predict five things that can be done for free in Koala Lump. With regards to developing top down skills, Our (2013, IPPP) suggests that with topic preparation students are better able to understand and respond to the text.

As such, it was decided that leading in with the topic of free things would provide a good lead-in and get students ready to think about the predictive task. RECEPTIVE SKILLS TASK 1 (scan) Referring to their previous predictions, student’s next task would be to quickly read the text and see if their predictions were correct. The activity should be limited to a minute of reading. Motivation and purpose is a powerful tool in maintaining a student’s interest in the text (Our 2012, IPPP). By asking the students to find out if their predictions were true about the text, they are motivated to scan the text for their answers.

Limiting the available reading time discourages students from reading it for details instead. This purpose of this activity is to practice reading strategies for list based text. Headlines draw readers in by creating expectations. When that interest is piqued, readers move on to scanning the text for the parts that interest them the most. RECEPTIVE SKILLS TASK 2 (Detail) The second task for students is to get them to read the text in detail. They are instructed to read five questions (Appendix A) before answering them in groups. Students will be given time to read the text again as required.

Providing the questions before the task, as before, gives motivation and purpose for the students to read through the text. The questions are also phrased in a manner “invites some measure of interpretation and application to the reader’s background knowledge” (Our, 2013, IPPP). Full comprehension of the text is required to fully answer the text. This activity reflects real world situations where the list answers the needs of readers. As the text has items that have more than one venue, even native readers would have to read in detail if they want to get the most of this list.

PRODUCTIVE SKILLS TASK (speaking) For the post reading task, students are to work in pairs to share about anything that they have done in Koala Lump that is free. If they don’t have such experiences, share about one thing in the text they would like to try and why. This activity allows students to utilities what they have learned from the text and share it with their friends. It also provides them an opportunity to practice conversation in relation to interesting free venues and events around Koala Lump. APPENDIX A Task Read the text.

Then, in groups, work out which places would be the most appropriate for the following situations. 1. It’s your friend’s birthday and he love burgers. Where would you bring him? 2. You need to get around KILL, but you don’t have enough cash on hand. How would you get around? 3. You want to explore SOL’S food scene but don’t want to pay for a tour guide. Who do you look for to help you get around? 4. There’s a friend who needs a haircut badly. Where would you suggest he go? 5. You need to learn to dance before a big party. Where can you get dance lessons for free?

Answer: 1 . Unbearable 2. GO-KILL – a free city bus service 3. Raking 4. Hair salon academies like Toni & Guy, Snips, L’Oreal 5. Lindy KILL AUTHENTIC TEXT 20 Things To Do For Free in KILL 14 APRIL 2015 Eat, drink, exercise and get your fix of culture – all for free. By deposits . MY team. Malaysian love discounts. But what do we love more than discounts? Freebies. As more people tighten their purse strings to save and not spend, the Posed. MY team brings you 20 things that you can do in KILL for free. That’s the best kind of four letter word. Unbearable.

Photo: Adrian Yap KC. EAT AND DRINK 1. Grow your own. It may sound hard to believe, but groups of urban gardeners like the AUDIT Edible Project have been using allotment space to grow and harvest their own vegetables and herbs. The Free Tree Society also gives out free plants. Instead of buying expensive packets of herbs from the supermarket, aka home a pot for free. 2. Free birthday burger at Unbearable. Bring a group of five friends to Unbearable and the birthday girl/boy gets a free Heart Attack burger (has to be on the exact date of their birthday).

The heart attack burger is a huge tripled layered burger, but you can also exchange it for any other burger. Valid until 31 December 2015. 3. Booze hounds can sniff out free drinks. Ladies nights are usually on a Wednesday or Thursday night at many of SOL’S bars. One of our favorites is at Skycap, where you get breathtaking views and free cocktails for ladies every Wednesday from pm – pm. SIX cocktail bar in Bangs also offers free cocktails for ladies on Wednesday night. The Free Tree Society. Photo: Posed. MY TRAVEL 4. Take a bus.

Instead of haggling over city centre taxi fares, try the free city bus service. GO-KILL operates on two main routes (Green and Purple Line) around the city centre with CLOCK, Buick Binging and Chinatown among some of its stops. PC residents also have a free bus service that covers over km of PC. 5. Cycling has moved up a gear in KILL, thanks to a growing group of people who have been promoting two wheeled travel. For beginners, try the bi-monthly “Go Green Car- Free Morning” where km of the roads around the city are closed for cyclists and skateboarders every first and third Sunday of the month.

There’s also a newly opened bike lane that connects the Federal Highway to Tartan Marked. If you’re ready to go off the beaten track, grab a cycling map. Bank Engage Museum and Gallery. CULTURE 6. See some art at one of the many free galleries around town. Among the more established ones are Bank Engage Museum and Gallery, Galleria Patrons and Wee- Ling Gallery, but there’s also White Box, Galleria Achaean and Interpret in Publish. The Royal Clangor Visitor Centre also has free entry, so you can earn more about the history and craftsmanship of pewter. 7. Listen to writers at [email protected]

Monthly literary event held at Season Gallery (usually the last Saturday of the month) in Bangs, it was started by Bernice Chalky and is now run by Sharon Baker. Every session will feature six writers from different backgrounds and genres and sometimes live music. So drop by, mingle and talk books. 8. Go to an open mimic. Often, gigs will have a cover charge, but open miss rarely do. One of the most established is Feedback at The Bee. Merrymaker has an open mimic almost every night of the week (but you’re encouraged to tip the performers, and there is a one drink minimum policy).

Firing-Firing at Barilla is a vinyl market that also features local musicians and Dos every two months. 9. Exchange ideas at Antimacassar. The youth platform aims to educate and inform on social issues, law and policy. There are regular talks with politicians, lawyers and journalists at the MUCH Pupas Rackety LB in Bangs, all free and open to the public. 10. Take a guided walk. Rake KILL is run by volunteers who do guided walking tours highlighting the local heritage of food, shops and architecture in Malaysia. Baden Warriors has recently launched free This Skull City Discovery Walks with the first to start in April 2015.

The Tourism Unit of Koala Lump City Hall also has a Tartan Marked Heritage Walk and [email protected] Barr which are held every alternate day. Free movies at Majestic Hotel KILL. 11. Watch a movie. Every Monday, Publish turns its open-air square to a cinema showcasing local film talents as well as international films. For a lesser known cinema, head to the Majestic Hotel’s screening room. Tucked inside the colonial era hotel, there’s a screening room where black-and-white era films play on loop al day. 12. Read a book.

If you’re looking for some new reading material, KILL Book Exchange in Atman Desk and Cubans Jay Book Exchange encourage readers to bring their old books in exchange for other pre-loved ones in their collection. This way, old books get to travel and readers get to save money. You can also head to a library, of course – like thesaurus Community Library in Bangs. 13. Watch a performance at Central Market. There are cultural dance shows every Friday at pm, martial art demonstrations every Saturday at pm and buskins musicians performing every Sunday afternoon at pm.

A complimentary shuttle bus service is also provided every 90 minutes from three locations (Barbara Times Square, Clan Sultan Small HASH bus stop and Radius International Hotel) to and from Central Market. Photo courtesy of Cubans Jay Book Exchange. SHOP AND STYLE 14. Get a haircut. Every now and then, hair salon academies such as Toni & Guy, Snips, L’Oreal and various other hairstyling academies hold events or graduation shows for their students in which they are in search of models. Sign up and you can have your hair cut, dyed and/or styled for free. 15. Shop at a free market.

For the last few years, Papas Perfume has run a free market where people can bring anything to give away, and others can take the goods for free. No trading, no sales: just re-use items instead of discarding them. 16. Get into sewing. At Hobby n Coffee in AUDIT, you can use the sewing machines in the cafe© for free when you purchase a drink. Perfect for altering clothes and even sewing some accessories. If you need to master the skills first, sign up for sewing classes. A hike in Buick Ape. EXERCISE 17. Play acquitted. We’re not kidding. Malaysia has its own acquitted team – the

Dammars Odometers – and even muggers are welcome. 18. Dance the night away. Learn the steps from swing dancing, lindy hop and blues dancing. Lindy KILL offers a free beginners’ session on Fridays and the Blues social dance club has free taster sessions on Wednesdays (with purchase of a drink). 19. Find your public park. The Lake Gardens is a beautiful spot for jogging, cycling or Frisbee. You can “go fly kite” at Keeping Metropolitan Park, or walk your dog at the popular Desk Park City park. Other nice public parks include AUDIT, Atman Jay and Twanging. 20. Trek.

From easy strolls to hardcore hikes, we’ve got a Buick list here of hiking trails around the Klan Valley. Most of these are free, so pack a good pair of boots or sneakers, a bottle of water, and prepare to take in the view from the top.

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