Novel Coronavirus has become an epidemic disease in China. It is highly contagious which has restricted the social and global circle of China. The people have a lockdown within their home and the economy is ruined.

Origin of Virus

It is supposed that n-Coronavirus is a virus of animals which has been transferred to human beings. According to doctors and researchers of Wuhan, it is estimated that novel Coronavirus originated from seafood markets where wildlife and sea-animals were sold illegally. It has also been revealed that the genome sequence of the virus is very similar to severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus(SARSr-CoV). Novel Coronavirus is sharing 79.5% sequence to SARS which is quite similar to bat Coronavirus. It is said, on February 2 by officials of Hubei, that the virus had 96% share with well-known bat-borne Coronavirus. Snakes are also been suggested as its possible source. But its authentic source is not quite authentic.

Untreated Symptoms

Novel Coronavirus carries the symptoms of common cold which transforms into severe conditions. As the symptoms of common cold are untreated so that it with n-Coronavirus. When a person is infected by this virus, within 14 days it is transferred even in the absence of its symptoms. It is highly contagious in this period, specifically before the revelation of its symptoms. Common symptoms seem to be common cold but with the passage of time this virus causes disastrous effects on the human body. Its initial and common untreated symptoms are fever, runny nose, headache, sore throat, coughing, breathing difficulties which turns into Pneumonia, SARS, organ failure and death. It has also been seen in certain patients that this virus causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It has been stated by doctors and researchers that basically it is a disease of the respiratory system if it is not treated properly then it will cause heavy damage even if it can lead to death as well. In most of the cases, patients are provided with proper oxygen supply and ventilation because it causes inflammation of the lungs.

The extreme conditions of the illness through n-Coronavirus is ultimate organ failure which reveals the tip of the iceberg, but that is too late because the virus has disgusted everything in the body.

According to Centers for Disease Control(CDC), it affects upper respiratory tract like a common cold and then triggers common untreated symptoms just like fever, runny nose, headache, sore throat, nausea and common feeling of unwell. This condition of the patient turns into a complex region when this virus affects the lower respiratory tract and causes pneumonia, bronchitis, middle east respiratory syndrome(MERS).

It has also seen in long term patients of Pneumonia, n-Coronavirus infected the inner texture of lungs and swell them up with fluid which cause high difficulty of exhaling and inhaling; however, at the end of the stage it left untreated and proved suffocated to patients; drag them in the valley of death.

Vaccine and Treatment

As the origin of n-Coronavirus is a virus so antibacterial is unaffected to it, so as with case of vaccines and antiviral treatment because it is not identified yet. Its first and foremost solution is to separate patients from other people and then start its treatment.

A proper vaccine and antiviral treatments is still undiscovered for SARS and MERS so that is the same case with n-Coronavirus that vaccine is not suggested therefore it is treated with the treatment of curing of common cold. On the other hand, pharmaceutical companies are playing its vital role in making and devising a vaccine for n-Coronavirus. They have made INO-4800(Inovio Pharmaceuticals and Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology), Recombinant submit vaccine(Clover Biopharmaceutics), Vaxart’s Coronavirus vaccine and CytoDyn-leronlimab which are not as much authentic and curable as it should be but they are much capable to control the situations. However, the situation cannot be handled fully but it is claimed by doctors and researchers that if a medical institute is well aware by the initial stage of the virus in humans then it can be cured and patients get 97% recovery from the disease.

Impacts in Chinese Society

Coronavirus affects Chinese society very badly. Due to the spread of this virus, people have locked down themselves in their homes, flights have suspended, tours have cancelled, restaurants have closed, and other outdoor activities have been postponed. Sources of communication and transportation have frozen. The government of Wuhan City has disabled all the transportation facilities within and out of the city. The infected people have been identified and separated from healthy people. That’s why they have been sent on long term holidays. Unfortunately, the situation is still out of control, the virus is contentiously transmitting and spreading all around the city. The streets are doomed and silence is all around.

It is severely impacted regional tourism, communication and industries. Industries have closed temporarily due to illness of people and stop further spreading of viruses. Social life of citizens has been ruined, there is no theater, no access to parks and nothing to be done outside.

Impression on Chinese Economy

Chinese economy gets a very negative impression of this epidemic disease because it has locked down its airports, railway tracts, restaurants, cinemas and other economical resources. That was the scene within the country but the condition out of the country is worse because China has seized its border with other countries and stopped all the process of trading. Not only this, the items and objects of China are also not demanding in foreign markets because people are curious and cautious about viruses. The trading position is greatly disturbed by this virus. It has slowed down the economic growth of China and frozen its transportation and other global events. China has distanced itself from the rest of the world. It is not only negative for China but also for the rest of the world because it has affected trade circulation of others as well. China’s economy is greatly influenced by this disease and it invests its huge budget to overcome the situation. But the situation seems beyond the limit and offers a great challenge to China.

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