Outline Thesis: There are many types of alternate fuels. These new improved fuels do not infiltrate the air, with pollution that fumes from natural gasoline output. These alternative fuels will be more in tune with society at this day and age, While be less expensive, and having an adequate supply.

I.Introduction to the Alternate Fuels/Vehicles.

II.Origin of Alternative Vehicles.

A.Where the idea came from.

B.What the various ideas for alternate fuels are.

C.How it became successful, and how it works.

III. Difference in fuels and their purpose.

D.Different types of fuels.

E.Difference in the engine use from each fuel.

F.What fuels are the cleanest.

IV.The purpose of fuels being mixed.

G.Why mix fuels.

H.What fuels have been mixed.

I. Once mixed, then what. V. Future of Alternative Fuels.

J. The growing pace of new fuelsK.New fuels being designed for the futureL.The success of new fuels.

VI.ConclusionNovember 21,2003English IV, Period 3Alternative FuelsHave you ever felt a wave of nausea at the gasoline pump? Today there is a solution. Different fuels to run the car! These new improved fuels do not infiltrate the air, with pollution created from normal gasoline output. These alternative fuels will be more in tune with society today, while being less expensive, and the world having a more adequate supply. Vehicles account for 65% of the U.S. oil consumption and is the predominant source of air pollution. United States Dept of Energy. Transportation technology is supposed to improve and make vehicles more efficient. The output of vehicles or emissions using petroleum-based fuels, Cause a cleaner-burning alternative fuel, and cut down on the quantity of miles an individual vehicle might travel on our roads and highways. Regular vehicles running on gasoline have what you call Petroleum in their fuel source. Non-petroleum or “alternative” fuels such as natural gas, ethanol, AquaGas, Battery operated, Bio Diesel, Methane, Geo thermal Steam, Hydrogen, Hythane, Hydro Peroxy, Magna-gas, propane, are all alternative fuels that can be used instead of gasoline in vehicles. Although electricity is not usually thought of as a “fuel,” it can provide an alternative to gasoline when used in an electric vehicle. While the U.S. and foreign countries have already created many vehicles that dont require Petrol or in 2American terms gasoline, scientists and scholars havent yet worked out all the kinks and quirks that these alternative vehicles need in order to run perfectly all the time, they are still being run through many projects and tests. We do have Evs (electronic vehicles) and solar vehicles being sold. People just dont realize how cool it is to have one right now.

The difference in many fuels is what is inside them to make them run efficiently and differently, all used for different purposes as well. (High Performance technician) Some fuels were designed to help the environment and some were accidentally found out while testing mixed chemicals in cars to make more high performance powered vehicles. Some are made to hype up cars and make them run faster, and some are used to change the world by creating less emission.(personal interview) Some of the most common Alternative fuels to Gasoline are Ethanol, Methanol, and most common Battery operated/Solar. An Alcohol based fuel produced by fermenting and distilling starch crops, would be Ethanol, converted to simple sugars feed stocks for these fuels include corn, Barkley and wheat. It can also be produced by cellulostic biomasses such as trees and grasses and is called bio-ethanol. Its basic job is to increase octane to the car and improve the output quality of Petrol. Methane is similar to Ethanol with one minor difference that high performance technicians found out in 1994 that is Methane holds one hydrogen molecule replaced by a hydroxy radical (OH)it is also a fuel that burns cleaner than many other traditional fossil fuels. It is found by drilling into the earths crust where pockets of gas are trapped from many years ago. It is then refined to remove impurities and moved through pipelines throughout the country.. One of the other more popular 3sources of an alternate to petrol, is Battery/solar operated. Located all in one extra battery of a full size or mini vehicle is solar cells and a long-lasting battery. Like a golf cart with much more powers the solcar cells power and give the energy back to the battery instead of having to charge the car batter up at night, the solar panels serve as an alternator in a full size engine car running petrol, recharging a car better once started from the spark of the ignition. Only the solar panels recharge the better all day long from the sun. natural gasoline! The top five alternative forms to gasoline are Ethanol, Methanol, Hydrogen Peroxy, Oxygen, and solar/battery operated. Anything that burns compolitically can be called a fuel. (wood, coal, natural gas, gasoline.)Statistics Which fuels provide our energy? United states vs. WorldlyUnited StatesWorldPetroleum47%55%Coal18%18%Water Power4%7%Nuclear2%1%Gas29%19%^(New Book of World Knowledge)^Overall there are many options for alternative energy sources that someday may take place of our current energy problems; some of them not very important on a smaller scale being; solar, wind, geothermal; and some more meaningful on a larger scale; natural 4gas, and nuclear energy.The way the world is growing today advancing technology will bring more efficient ways of extracting and utilizing all of these energy systems and the world will see them become huge, and perhaps more widespread in the future.

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