A Review about Fat And Politics: Suing Fast Food Companies

 We are looking at Fat and Politics on the issue of suing companies which is actually a book review by Michael Stephen. It is very obvious that fast food outlets have done good for customers by providing foods for them at their convenience and also very fast. There don’t need to go home and face the burden of preparering foods even as the have fast food outlets at their convenience. But just like the saying that says whatever has an advantage also has a disadvantage. Fast foods have also been discovered to be causing great harm to a number of people. Especially in the U.S where fast food is very common. And it has also been discovered that as a result of fast food which is mostly covered with sugar, It is now known that over 60% people in the US are diabetic and about that amount are obese. And it is causing great harm in the life’s of people. If 60% are diabetic then that is a very big problem. Because there is tendency that if some thing is not quickly done about it, it would generate to a very a big problem. And that is why there is a talk to impose tax and also health warnings on certain foods. The public needs to understand that this delicious fast foods which they purchase contains too much fat and that is what is causing this serious diabetic conditions..

It is known that 36% are overweight and virtually all of them are obese and this increases their risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer e.t.c.There is also a statistics that the medical lost as a result of obesity was over $51.6 billion in 1994.And it should have doubled that amount for now. This shows that it is a very big problem and something has to be done about this politics of fat.

The government also has to do something about passing this information out to people so as to enlighten them concerning this serious calamity that is ravaging the society. Tax and caution needs to be imposed on fast food companies. And some thing substantial needs to be done about this problem.

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