Soul healing is a holistic path to spiritual growth. Those who try to attain soul healing are often seeking to gain complete wellness and overcome illness. For those seeking spiritual enlightenment, the practice is said to activate the natural healing process to overcome illness and disease. This definition, however, can vary depending on the personal and religious beliefs of those who participate in the practice.
Individuals looking to engage in soul healing often do so through taking spiritual retreats, workshops or one-on-one lessons. Soul healing retreats can be found in exotic locations such as deserts where participants are encouraged to interact with nature. These exotic locations are not just chosen for beauty, they also tend to be somewhat isolated from mainstream tourism. For soul healing guides and individuals learning the practice this quiet atmosphere offers a simplicity thought to be ideal for quiet reflection.
Spiritual retreats typically focus on a journey toward spiritual renewal and are said to encourage the soul to reconnect with the world by surrounding the participant with positive energy. Peace and relaxation are also usually important parts of some soul healing packages. Teachers of the practice may emphasize that through physical relaxation the individual participating will be able to quickly get into a state where they are receptive to healing.
To encourage this natural peace, physical activities such as hiking and guided tours are usually provided. Exploration of the local culture or indigenous groups might also be done to support a bond with nature. Such exploration of natural surroundings is also thought to engage the individual and allow he or she to let go of various worries and anxieties. This is said by some followers to give the spirit full rein to take part in the journey. It is also alleged that through bonding with nature the mind is opened up to the idea of exploring the higher self.
To focus on healing the soul, spiritual healing spas might possibly offer. Fire massage, chanting, vision quest, cleansing rituals and other practices that are meditative and cleansing in nature. At many soul healing workshops, spiritual guides are provided to help participants open up to self-realization. Depending on the type of retreat that is being visited, these guides may be called intuitive healers or shamans. The purpose of the guide may also differ; some may attempt to uncover the spiritual causes of an illness such as negative attitudes or false beliefs about the self. Other guides may use rituals and attempt to recover fragmented parts of the soul to bring about healing and self-love.

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