Gender roles are a specific set of social and behavioral actions which are considered to be appropriate for the given gender. There are basically two types of gender roles throughout the world, but since various geographical areas have vastly different cultures, the gender roles can be dramatically different. A gender role begins with the concepts of the society in which a person is raised, as well as unique thoughts and desires of the parent figures that govern over the adolescent years. The role of a person is categorized into two specific areas, and even though people do not always follow along with the role that they have been placed into, the majority of people follow along with the expected guidelines.
One of the gender roles is how females, which include both girls and women, are considered within their particular culture. In many societies, this role means that they are non-aggressive and are meant to raise children and take care of the tasks at home. Of course, this leaves open the debate for equal rights, as well as a debate about the fact that many women today choose to work instead of stay home. A traditional belief, though passionately debated by many, is that females are considered to be the more peaceful gender that is better suited for the stresses of raising children and dealing with everyday household problems.
The second gender role is men and boys. This role is usually viewed by society as being the workers that take care of the financial aspects of a household. They are much more aggressive, dominant, and they prefer to be earning money rather than staying home. The males are hungry for power and wealth, striving to move forward in life by building as much money and assets as possible. As stated above, though, this is not always the case. Many men choose to stay home and take care of the house and children, so even though the average society may view them as different, times are changing.
Traditional gender roles hold that females and males are different from birth. Evidence of this is shown by young boys playing with cars and trucks, while girls prefer dolls and playing house. These concepts are perpetrated by society ideas and parental opinions, so basic gender roles are taught throughout the growing up process. These ideas are retained from childhood to adulthood, which sets specific guidelines by everyone in society about the roles that each of the genders should play within their communities.

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