UK Sport is the lead Government agency for major sporting events at the UK
Level. They ensure that the UK is successful in bids to stage a range of the world’s
biggest international sporting events. UK Sport and the FA are now driving a
strategy forward to host the 2021 UEFA European Women’s Championship in
England. They believe this will grow women’s football in England and raise the
profile and popularity of the women’s game at all levels.
The bid is in the early stages of development, with Newcastle and Sunderland
selected as potential Cities to host the group stages of the tournament before the
final is hosted at Wembley Stadium in London.
You have been asked to construct a report for Borough Councillors from
Newcastle and Sunderland to help ease their concerns about hosting the event.
The report should detail the concept of global sports mega events and describe
the associated bidding processes. The stakeholders involved in such events should
be identified. The challenges, impacts and benefits that Newcastle and
Sunderland could expect from staging such an event should be critically explored.
The report should be aimed at Borough Councillors who have no specific
expertise in this area.
• The word limit is 1,800 words (10%+/-) (but excluding the Reference
• This is an individual assessment. This assessment should be submitted
electronically through EMA on BREO. Assessments must be submitted by
• When submitting your work via EMA it is essential that you use your
student ID number as the title of your work (NOT your name).
• You will have to demonstrate good report writing skills, evidence of
extensive reading using library sources, core books, academic journals and
other reports and relevant material from a variety of sources including the
internet if necessary.
Structure of the report
o Executive summary: Summarise the whole report and the key themes.
o Contents page:
o Introduction: Introduce the UEFA European Women’s Championship and the
report as a whole
o Main Body: This section should cover the following areas;
1. Introduce and explain what makes a global sports mega-event, and
whether the UEFA European Women’s Championship fits this
2. Provide advice on the bidding process for hosting global sports megaevents
– use your wider knowledge and understanding of such processes,
for example for the Olympics or FIFA World Cup.
3. Discuss the associated stakeholders who would be involved in this event
and explain their interests
4. An outline of the challenges of staging the event if the bid were to be
5. An outline of the potential impacts and benefits of staging the event if the
bid were to be successful
o Conclusion: Conclude the report.
o Reference List:
• Referencing and bibliography (where applicable) is essential. A minimum
of 15 referenced academic sources is required.
• This coursework is subject to University Regulations, attention is
particularly drawn to the regulations on late submission, CAAS and
• Coursework should be properly referenced using the Harvard Referencing
System and should include a Reference List. Students should note that
correct referencing and the production of a Reference List are part of the
assessment criteria.
Learning Outcomes:
Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding;
• Critically analyse the factors which influence the development of global
sport events, and the key organisational processes required for their
successful staging.
Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
• Independently explore, construct and evaluate complex frameworks
underpinning core factors of global sport events in different contexts, and
propose prospects for the future of such events.

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