Transportation—Managing the Flow of the Supply Chain Assignment Questions 1. Describe the major challenges faced by transportation managers in the current environment. 2. Using financial Web sites, company Web sites, and search engines, develop a basic overview report (primary service offerings, annual sales, current stock price, and recent news) for one domestic or international transportation company from each Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system code: a. SIC 4011—Railroads, Linehaul Operating b. SIC 4213—Trucking, Except Local c. SIC 4513—Air Courier Services d. SIC 4412—Deep Sea Foreign Transportation of Freight 3. Discuss the primary considerations and issues that must be factored into modal and carrier selection. 4. How would a transportation manager monitor the quality of service provided by the carriers used? What types of metrics would be used? 5. What role does information technology play in the management of transportation planning, execution, and analysis?


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