Description Write a research proposal about why there should be more tourist attractions near the Ocean Breeze athletic complex in Staten Island, New York. Ocean breeze is an area near the beachfront boardwalk, that has no restaurants attractions near it. Below is the guidelines provided.Write an assignment that’s a blend of urban planning with sociology. Please try your best. I. PROPOSAL SUMMARY (Abstract) — One page Please briefly explain why you are making this recommendation, what values underlie your proposal, how this policy can be implemented, and the outcomes you hope to achieve. II. NARRATIVE—Twelve Pages A. Background— 1. The need or problem that your policy proposal works to address, 2. The population that your agency serves, including geographic location, socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability and language. B. Literature Review—A minimum of seven pages 1. Identify and discuss three or more of the most important primary documents relating to the project and policy you are proposing. These may include documents regarding the project, the organization supporting the project, and/or the district in which the project takes place. 2. Identify and discuss seven academic sources (such as books and academic periodicals in the field) which discuss the social problem addressed, any similar policies already used to address this problem in other locales, and/or evaluations of the extent to which those similar existing programs have worked or not. C. Political Support and Funding Request In this section you will describe which public and private organizations, and amount of funding, you think are required to implement your recommendation. For example, if it is a commercial development proposal, would you need to involve New York City’s Department of Small Business Services? Where would the revenue come from to put into place the idea you have? What agencies and organizations are already involved, and can be utilized to implement your proposal? 1. A statement of your idea’s primary purpose and the need or problem that you are seeking to address in an existing project on The East Shore or in St. George. 2. The population that you plan to serve and how this population will benefit from the proposal you are making to support that project. 3. Strategies that you will employ to implement your idea. 4. A brief description of why your proposal is particularly well suited to support the program it is intended to benefit, including, if available, reference to the original project’s history and mission. For example, if you are recommending the implementation of a particular housing policy to support a new luxury high rise building, what is the history of the development of that luxury high rise? Who were the public and private sector “players” that initiated the development, and why did they choose The East Shore or St. George for their building? How would your policy idea support needs in the community regarding this new project? 5. The relationships — both formal and informal — with other organizations working to meet the same needs or providing similar services as your idea requires. Please explain how your policy proposal might differ from these other agencies’ work. 6. Anticipated length of implementation and lifespan of the policy. For example, is it temporary or permanent? How many years do you see it in place, and do you think there will need to be different stages of implementation of the policy? 7. How the policy idea contributes to its project’s overall purpose. D. Evaluation— Please explain how you will measure the effectiveness of your idea. Identify the values the proposal is expected to achieve and the values it is likely to hinder. Describe your criteria for a successful program and the results you expect to have achieved by the end of the implementation process

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