For your final report, you are required to conduct a market research report on a tourism, events or hospitality (THE) organization of your choice. You will be required to document the current competitiveness of your chosen organization through a thorough review of its current operations from a marketing and distribution channel perspective.


In preparation for your final report you are to prepare and present a four-page Report Plan including the following:

General overview of the organisation (1 paragraph)

Matrix showing products and relevant target markets (UPLOADED)

Bibliography of ten sources with key elements in bullet points (2-3 bullet points per source)



You are to provide a general overview of the operational context for which your organisation trades in. (1 paragraph)

In the matrix template – present the three key experiences it provides, the key target markets and the distribution channel/s your organisation is affiliated with.

You are required to present ten sources in bibliographic format, and 2-3 bullet points outlining the key elements of the source and how it will contribute to your final report.


It is expected that you will collect secondary data from at least ten published sources to outline the competitive stance applied by your organisation of your choice. The sources can include textbooks, journal articles, company annual reports, government statistics, and organisation website material. Based on this extensive research you will able to thoroughly understand and justifying the competitiveness of your organisation.


APA (6th edition) is required for all assessment in this course. For guidance please refer to UQ’s website. 

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