“A bibliographic essay is written to summarize and compare a number of sources on a single topic… By looking through multiple books and articles, you can provide your reader with context for the subject you are studying, and recommend a few reputable sources on the topic.” (Zamboni) Our bibliographic essay on a topic in information technology can be approached in two different ways.

One is to provide a general overview through an effective analysis of the major sources of material about the topic; the other is to take a position on a topic, and then identity and analyze the key
publications that support that position. By examination of multiple sources—books and articles—you will provide the reader with context for the subject and recommend a set of key reputable sources on the topic.

Start with a one or two paragraph discussion of the topic and how the topic led you to select the sources you are discussing. Then for each source, provide a very brief summary of the content and then your evaluation of how—and how well—the source
contributes to gaining knowledge in the topic of interest. At the end, a conclusion must compare the sources as to their value and quality.

In our bibliographic essay assignment, you need to “summarize six or more sources in under six pages, including your comparison of different sources. This means that you should try to keep your summary of each source to one or two paragraphs.

Keep your writing concise and avoid any repetitive statements.” (Zamboni) The bibliography entry for each source should be placed at the beginning of your discussion of that source, in APA format. They do not need to be be in alphabetical order, and in fact, you probably should order them by your estimation of their value in imparting knowledge about your selected topic.

You may quote the source using standard APA citation format, but really, your discussion of each source will probably be too short to allow the luxury of quotations.

Please attempt to find sources that are books and academic or professional society journals.

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