Every four years, the greatest national soccer teams converge on one “lucky” country to put on a spectacle for millions of people around the world. However, when a less developed country is chosen, they don’t have the infrastructure to support the massive influx of tourism and attention that the World Cup brings. So, they frantically build hotels and stadiums and roads to accommodate the phenomenon. But, what happens to the locals? They are displaced from their homes and neighborhoods to make room for these structures, and forgotten by their own government. I want to unpack what happened to the people of Brazil before, during, and after the 2014 World Cup. These 8 questions have to be answered: 12 pages. Double spaced. APA style format. MINIMUM of 15 cited sources.

1: Why are undeveloped nations continuously chosen to host this event? 2: What happens to the displaced citizens and what can they do to prevent it? 3: How were the everyday lives of the people of Brazil affected by the world cup? 4: What are the cultural practices of urban Brazilians vs. rural Brazilians and how has this globalized event changed them? 5: what are the economic and social impacts on the locals? Jobs? Holidays? 6: What do their lives look like now that the World Cup is far gone? 7: Are the people happy? 8: Is there civil unrest between social classes due to the major real estate developments in these rural and urban areas?

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