discuss a philosophy of nursing, what it means to be a nurse and why you chose nursing as a profession.
Write a statement of your philosophy of nursing. Include your beliefs about nursing, health, people, and the environment.

Philosophy of the Nursing Department
The philosophy of the Department of Nursing encompasses the faculties’ beliefs about the concepts of education, nursing, persons, environment and health, and provides
a framework for the nursing curriculum of the undergraduate and graduate programs. The faculty believes that professional nursing education must take place in
institutions of higher learning as the nursing programs build upon the liberal arts and sciences to develop the critical thinking essential for providing nursing care
in our society, and for developing the profession of nursing. A Baccalaureate education prepares students to begin professional practice, while graduate education
provides the knowledge base for advanced practice, leadership, and theory development within the profession. Higher education also provides opportunities for students
to develop their potential as individuals and as contributing members of society. The programs encourage students to be active participants in their own education and
in life-long learning. The importance of the student’s inter-subjective relationships to professional development as well as self-development and self-awareness is
emphasized. These inter-subjective relationships occur with teachers, peers, clients, and other health professionals.

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