Social History Assignment


Goal -To collect, organize and interpret client data PB32 in the form of a Social History. Refer to instruction given in class and note papers under 4 pages will receive no more than half credit.

To Prepare:  Take the criteria on the Assessment and put it into question form. For example for section 2, you might ask “what brings you here today?” and “have you ever been in treatment before?” Use empathy and other interpersonal skills in your approach PB30

You might ask “So tell me about your life” “what kinds of things do you do on the weekend?” “Tell me about your job”. The Family of Origin section is important, you might ask “Tell me about your family” or “Let’s talk about anger, how was anger expressed in your family? How do express anger now?” The big important point is to take the questions and put in a conversation format to help the interviewee feel comfortable. At the end of the interview if you need to ask more questions, you might say “there are a few things we didn’t cover” and “anything else you want me to know about you?”


Interview a person, then write up a Social History

Put an emphasis on the language you use

Your paper should be professionally written.

Use as much space as you need to be thorough. Papers under four pages will receive no more than half credit.



  • Name
  • Age
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Employment or School grade
  • Place of residence (living where and with whom)
  • Reason for seeking services



  • Give a brief physical description first, then a picture of client’s personality
  • -Describe hair color, height and weight (average, tall, petite)
  • -mention anything striking (tattoos)
  • -First impression of person’s personality (outgoing, soft-spoken)
  • -Specific behaviors noticed (fidgeted, sat on edge of seat) include mannerisms, client’s reactions to you (resistant, angry, tearful)
  • Any significant health or other major issues client is dealing with would be mentioned here.

NOTES: Be brief—clear and specific here



Describe where this person grew up and with whom; be clear about lifestyle/culture

  • Ask about childhood in chronological order
  • -Was mother’s pregnancy and delivery normal? Describe any problems
  • -illnesses as a child? If so how were they treated?
  • -meet milestones on time? sitting, walking, talking, potty training
  • -Were you an easy or difficult child? Explain
  • -Ask about friendships/relationships as a child
  • -What words describe you as a child?
  • What types of play , or hobbies did you have?
  • -How would you describe your childhood?
  • Any traumatic events in childhood? If so what and how did it affect you?

This is a history of this person’s childhood—make sure it is a clear picture of their life growing up

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