Please compose a 15-page (double-spaced) research paper that is clearly and richly informed by critical geopolitics. You’re welcome to use the “present an empirical example” exercise to get rolling on your paper. In other words, this assignment is a whole easier and more fun if you take what you learned in class, examine a past, present or potential (as in future) situation/ process/topic/film/social movement/comic book and tell me all about it (in a polished paper). Feel free to write in first person. Just be sure to insert page numbers! And do your best to compose a snappy title.

In addition to drawing on appropriate course materials — thoroughly and thoughtfully, please incorporate at least TWO scholarly sources, and as many non-scholarly sources as you wish — including visual and/or audio materials! — into your research paper. And as always, use in-text citations that clearly identify the specific pages where the ideas and/or information you’re drawing from are located. Likewise, please submit your paper as a Word document so I can use Track Changes to provide feedback. But, this time, please do include a reference list.


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