A collection of articles titled “Soviet Cold-War Articles on the United States—Part I.” The collection is divided
into three sets of articles: “Politics,” “Capitalism,” and “Racism.”
1. We will begin by discussing each set of articles separately. Be able to describe, with impressive command of
detail, the arguments of the individual articles in each set.
2. How do these arguments pertain to the Cold-War propaganda debate over the “American Way of Life” that I
described in class?
3. Do any themes overlap? That is, are there themes in one set of articles that also appear in articles from
another set?
The articles’ titles are listed below, in case you find this useful as a reference guide. “Democracy American
“Voters from the Next World”
“The Personal Life of Congressman Gallagher”
“Still Just Warming Up”
“Will I Be Governor?”
“Mellon Shames Nero”
“Business by Swindling”
“Together with His Favorite Dog, Bertha” “Babik”
“How Much Does It Cost to Come into This World?” “Murders on 14th Street”
“Racist Practices in the ‘Dream Factory’”
“Ordinary Racism

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