This is a Human Resources development class, not a human resources management class THIS IS THE BOOK: McIntyre, M.G. (2005). Secrets to Winning at Office Politics. New York, NY: St. Martins- Griffin. Paper 1 Commitment of Movie Review We will analyze the movie Wall Street and search for ways an employee can increase his personal power in the workplace without compromising his integrity or taking advantage of other co-workers as reflected in our text. We will provide examples from the movie that clearly indicate the difference between the negative and positive dynamics that are played out in the workplace when an employee is trying to get ahead. We find this aspect of political savvy interesting. We have often been in work environments where it appeared that there were employees who went out of their way (sociopaths) to impress leadership to get ahead. They were often successful even when their actions were detrimental to co-workers or the company. Those individuals often suffered dire consequences for their actions when management determined that their actions were often dishonest or detrimental to the company. Our plan is to analyze this movie to determine how this behavior manifests itself and what can be done to move ahead in an organization without resorting to dishonest activities that ultimately end in failure. Assignment 6: Movie or Book Presentation (250 points) Based on your Assignment 1 paper, you will present your movie or book analysis to the class. The purpose of this presentation is for you to share what you uncovered from analyzing the movie or book on the concept of political savvy, as well as highlight what others can learn from your investigation and analysis.

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