Description What are and should be the hospitality and tourism related policies concerning each of the following issues? The expansion of Toronto’s island airport. Your INDIVIDUAL policy essay on the ONE topic you choose should draw on this course’s classes and readings as well as on many secondary research sources from outside the course to provide a critical analysis of the: -Problem(s)/issue(s) you’ve uncovered that relate to the topic you select to write your essay on; -Evaluation of any relevant past and present policy(ies)’ strengths/weaknesses and successes/failures where possible including your assessment of the best and worst relevant policies including those from other places; -Discussion of all relevant stakeholders’ views, needs and wants illustrated by a custom creative diagram; -Substantiated suggestions for a new policy(ies) or modification to an existing policy(ies); -Which stakeholders are impacted by your recommendations and your ideas to reduce / enhance impacts. In addition, the above should address the practicality of your ideas including: -Implications of the relevant current political, economic, etc. environments; -Are the players allowed to /capable of doing what you propose? -What specific policy makers should do eg Why / On what / For whom / Involving whom / Aimed at whom / And paid for by whom; and A workable method for implementation ideally illustrated by a custom creative flowchart and if possible a diagramed sequential time line. Select one of the above topics and be certain to fully explain and defend your answer. USE THE STYLE GUIDE FOR WRITING AN ESSAY AS YOUR GRADE WILL IN PART BE BASED ON YOUR ADHERENCE TO WHAT IS IN THAT DOCUMENT. FORMAT: Reports should be written using proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. as well as accompanied by appropriate illustrations, references, etc. In addition, please incorporate all relevant items mentioned in class, in your reader and in the Style Guide. Please do not bind/cover your submissions in ANY other way than by stapling in the upper left hand corner and please use both sides of each page submitted.

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