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The requirements for this assignment are to:

 The final assignment will be to write a detailed explanation of your own personal philosophy and connect your views on these topics to the philosophers who most closely align with your views. You will do this by choosing a few topics from the course that you want to investigate further or clarify your understanding of. For example, if you choose Metaphysics as a topic, you would write about what your personal belief is regarding the existence and purpose of human beings. Are we just material beings, with no higher purpose (existentialism), or are we spiritual beings who have innate understandings of formal concepts such as justice, truth, and beauty (Plato). Topics might include: Metaphysics, Cosmology, Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology, Logic, What is Philosophy (and why should we study it), Ethics, Political Science, Specific Philosophical ideas (Idealism, Rationalism, Materialism, Empiricism, etc.), Specific Ethical Theories, Specific Political Theories, Specific Philosophers (Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Locke, Descartes, etc.), Specific Schools of Thought (Existentialism, Stoicism, Platonism, Logical Positivism, etc.), or another topic directly from the course material. If you would like to write on a topic not listed here, please email the instructor with your suggested topic, for approval.

 Write a six to seven page paper (1500-1750 words) that explains your topics and uses resources from the course or outside research to back up your philosophical viewpoint, and tie it into the viewpoints of famous philosophers.

 Your topics must be clearly introduced in the introductory paragraph of your paper, and the introduction must also include a description of the key points and elements of your paper. Remember that it is much better to pick one, two, or three ideas and write a thorough explanation of your philosophical stance regarding these topics, rather than to pick many topics and give only a brief description of your views on all of them. For example, you might choose to write your paper on your philosophical beliefs regarding Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Ethics.

 Use APA formatting, including a Title Page, Double-Spacing, and 12 point Times New Roman Font. Please cite all references used in the paper using in-text citations, as well as at the end of the paper (on a separate page with a Reference heading)

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