Personal PhilosophyPersonal Philosophy of Nursing PracticeI presently work as a critical care registry float pool nurse in four adult intensive care units and in the emergency department at Lutheran Hospital. I have been taking care of critically ill adult patients for 11 years. While I do have several goals as a nurse practitioner, one very loosely defined goal is to continue to care for adult patients in a primary care or specialty care office. I specifically see myself providing care and advocacy to the most vulnerable and needy in my local community of Huntington through free health clinic services.A person is a unique creation of God, equal in worth and potential to any other person, and loved by God without prejudice. Each person has a purpose: individual abilities, qualities and opportunities used to positively impact society around him. The role of family is to create and cultivate a healthy, positive environment for the individual person to grow, mature and develop fully (physically, psychologically and spiritually) in order to fulfill his unique purpose in society. Each person is a product of his family; the family is a prod…… middle of paper …… placement in a home and nutritional support during their pregnancies, as well as high school education completion or job training opportunities.Nursing is a profession with a great responsibility provide effective healthcare to a diverse population. To achieve this effective healthcare, the nurse must utilize ethics, quality and continuing education, autonomy, communication and accountability. Incorporating the Franciscan Values enables the professional nurse to provide service to others through diverse, meaningful nursing care.Personal Philosophy

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