This is a philosophy paper Essentially the topic I have been assigned is explaining why Identity overtime does exist. PHIL 1 Paper Directions Outline Due (1-2 pages): 10/17/18 Paper Due (5 pages): 11/28/18 Argumentative Paper: This paper is an exercise in not only your argumentative skills, but your ability to follow directions. You will be heavily penalized if you do not follow the instructions on this sheet. Format: Your paper is to be 5 full pages long (not 4 and 1/4….) You should include a title page, and a bibliography, neither of which counts towards your 5 pages. ONLY PUT YOUR NAME ON THE COVER PAGE. Your first page should not start 1/4 page down. Start at the top. If you quote someone in your paper, and the quote is longer than 2 lines, you should single space it and indent it on both sides. DO NOT QUOTE EXCESSIVELY. You do not need to include outside sources for this paper, but if you choose to bring in outside sources you must include them in your bibliography, and you must choose only reputable sources (i.e. not Wikipedia). Your paper should be argumentative in nature. That is, it should be focusing on supporting your thesis. If 3 3/4 pages of your paper is not devoted to constructing an argument that supports your position, then it is not argumentative in nature. A basic outline of your paper should be similar to this: I. Thesis- This is the main conclusion that you will argue for in your paper- you should spend several sentences explaining what you will argue for in your paper. a. Overview of the debate i. Existing arguments that you will be responding to b. 1st argument supporting your thesis 1. definitions needed to understand the argument (if needed) c. 2nd argument supporting your thesis d. Objections to your position, or what critics may say about your position e. A response to the objections that you have raised. f. conclusion. Possible topics: Some of these topics will require you to read ahead and attack topics that we have not yet discussed in class. As such they may require more work. If you choose topics that we have already discussed there will be a greater assumption that you will have a good understanding of the existing arguments –Explain how motion is possible in light of Zeno’s paradoxes against them. –Heraclitus believes everything is changing. Explain the consequences of this idea, and then argue for or against it. –Explain Parmenides’ arguments against change. If you think change is possible, where does Parmenides go wrong? If you think change isn’t possible, then defend Parmenides.

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