In the movie Fruitvale Station, the main character, Oscar, arranges to do a drug deal with a customer at the beach. A flashback scene showcases Oscar’s troubled relationship with his mother who aims at advocating for Tatiana above all else. Oscar then meets the customer but only gives him a dimebag of the drug, as he decided to get rid of them and not engage in selling. In the following scene Oscar picks up Phina who reprimands him for supposedly smoking before they pick Tatiana. Write an essay in which you (a) explain how Stace or Sartre (choose only one) would explain Oscar’s decision not to sell drugs. In so doing make sure that you include relevant philosophical points from the chosen philosopher’s stance on the question of freedom. (b) Additionally, explain whether or not you agree with the chosen philosopher’s explanation of Oscar’s decision. Make sure you provide reasons for your response. Tatiana is Oscar’s daughter, Oscar used to deal drugs and got caught and put in jail This is a good link that has pertinent information about sartre,which would make more sense to use in this essay

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