Personal Philosophy of Nursing:
Title Page
Introducing yourself- this can be personalized. The title page needs to include your name, professional status (student practical nurse), Title of the document (Professional Portfolio) (2) You can be creative on this page and include pictures, captions, or a simple paragraph introducing yourself (4)
Maximum score
Table of Contents:
Includes a list of contents inclusive of each of the sections outlined below (2)
Maximum score
Title pages for each of these sections:
Personal Philosophy of Nursing (1), Resume and former diploma, appraisals and evaluations, etc (1), PNP Reflective Practice and Evidence (Artifacts) (will include professional portfolio reflections a subsection for each nursing course: 1 main title page and 13 subsections one for each course) (14)
Maximum score
Personal Philosophy of Nursing:
Included a discussion of underlying beliefs about nursing (what kind of nurse do you want to be) (2), a minimum of three values are reflected in the philosophy (2) reflects your own perception of the primary role, goal and purpose of nursing (2), and perception of personal role in the profession and society as a nurse (what difference do you want to make) (2)
Maximum score
Former education and work experience:
Included a current Resume, and relevant artifacts certifications, diplomas, degrees, appraisals or evaluations from previous education, training or workplace (2)
Maximum score
Content is organized in appropriate sections and formatted appropriately correct margins and double-spaced as required, indent 5 spaces or 1 tab for new paragraphs, correct font – Times New Roman, 12-pt. font, reference page, artifacts are legible, etc. (6)
Maximum score
Grammar and Spelling:
Appropriate grammar and free from spelling errors ( < 3 errors= 6 marks, 3-6 errors = 4 marks, 7-10 errors = 2 mark, >10 =0)
Maximum score

Ba Beau
Box 1237
Slave Lake AB T0G2A0

Self-motivated, quick learner and good listener are reasons why I think I would be a good candidate for this
position. I am very motivated when trying new activities and retain what I learn.
● Computer Literate
● Personable
● Natural leader
● Responsible and reliable
● Flexible
● Self-motivated
Work history
Customer service manager
06/2018- current
Northern Star Hotel
Housekeeping suprivisor
01/ 2018 – 06/2018
Electronics department manager
08/ 2015- 05/ 2017
Cashier at McDonald’s
07/2014 – 09/2015
Customer service, prepare meals for service
Volunteer program assistant 09/2010 to 09/2014
Lakeside figure skating club, Slave Lake, AB
Volunteer for 8 months a year
Assisting can skate coaches with instruction
Leading groups and assisting in positive feedback to children
Being as positive role model
Volunteer wrangler assistant 10/2014 to 10/2015
Teen time of Edmonton, Slave Lake, AB
Volunteer for summer camps
Take care of horses and take out riders
Roland Michener Secondary School, Slave Lake. AB
09/2011 to 06/2016
Shilank Shilank
Assistant manager Staples
Rima Mouallem
Walmart wireless Manger

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