Use the Context for Learning Information to supply information about your school/classroom context. About the Placement and Your Role in the Focus Learner’s Instruction

1. Context for Learning

a. Provide information about the context in which you teach so that another educator can understand your teaching decisions for the instruction in the learning segment.

Address the following: Type of setting (e.g., first-grade classroom in an elementary school, Where is the school where you are teaching located? (Type an “X” next to the appropriate description.)

City: Suburb: Town: Rural: Your role in the focus learner’s instructional program (e.g., teach all academic subjects plus support a behavioral plan; pull out of general education classroom for supplementary instruction in reading; part of an instructional team; coordinate services to the family and model working with the focus learner) The schedule for instructional time with the focus learner for the learning goal (e.g., Tuesdays for 15 minutes; every day for six hours with two hours on reading instruction) The primary language of instruction, if other than English (e.g., ASL)

b. Describe any district, school, or cooperating teacher, or student teaching requirements or expectations (e.g., prescribed reading curriculum) that might affect your planning or instructional delivery.

c. Identify any textbook or instructional program you primarily use for instruction for the learning goal. If a textbook, please provide the title, publisher, and date of publication.

d. If group instruction, describe the size and composition of the group (e.g., 6 special education learners; 3 learners with IEPs and 23 general education learners).

About the Focus Learner

1. Age:

2. Gender (Type an “X” next to the appropriate description.): Male: Female:

3. Grade level:

4. Primary language (Type an “X” next to the appropriate description or provide information requested.): English: Bilingual in English and other language (please identify): Other language (please identify): 5. Describe the disability or disabilities as reported on the focus learner’s IEP.

6. List any type of augmentative or alternative communication used by the learner (e.g., communication boards, signing, AlphaSmart keyboard, optical-character-recognition devices, speech generation technology).

7. Describe any behavior management plans relevant for the focus learner.

ON attached file create a lesson plan for focus learner

  • EDTPALESSONPLANformat.docx

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