The rough draft for your course project is now due.

Your rough draft should include a cover page, 5 pages of writing in the body of the paper, and a reference page. The paper should demonstrate a strong overview of the use of technology in your selected area.

Your research should include at least six references. The paper must use in-text citations and references in APA format. You can find more information on APA format in the Online Library, which is accessible through the Resources tab.

Impact of Technology on Emergency Medicine

Thesis and Outline

The thesis of this paper shall explore the impact of various novel technologies within the field of emergency care. This includes technologies such a wireless technologies and 3-D telepresence technology. However, the thesis of the paper will seek to establish that despite the large beneficial impact that such novel technologies may have on improvement of operations within Emergency Medicine, such technologies have to be supplemented with appropriate, effective and efficient medical practitioner work practices organized within different organizational, professional and physical contexts. The thesis statement of the paper shall thus be: Numerous novel and future technologies have the potential to beneficially impact Emergency Medicine although their efficacy within the field will be determined by the relevant medical practitioner work practices within different organizational, professional and physical contexts in Emergency Medicine.

Paper Outline

i. Abstract

ii. Introduction to Emergency Medicine, healthcare technologies and healthcare organization within the Emergency medicine context

iii. Examples of Novel and future Emergency Medicine technologies and their impact on the quality of care:

· Wireless Technology

· Technology and Emergency room patient handoffs

· Technology and Emergency Medicine Front-end operations

· Emergency Medicine Lean thinking and related technologies

· Other new and future technologies

iv. Impact of medical practitioner practices on Emergency Medicine

v. Interdependence of technologies and medical practitioner practices in Emergency Medicine

vi. Conclusion

vii. References

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