The paper should be double space, 12-font, Times New Roman, at least 1200 words (5 to 8 pages), on a Microsoft Word Platform.Career – The Representatives’ biography; place of birth, education, occupations, previous political experience and any other special characteristics. Here an attempt should be made to explain how this person achieved his or her current position. What is the education of the member? Did the representative hold offices prior to being elected to the House? Is this person a professional politician and an effective legislator? The Characteristics of the Congressional District – a map of Florida that displays the district. The major counties and cities located within and around it. Major economic interests and industries in the area. Demographics or social composition of the constituency and the political and ideological character of the district. Any important landmarks, tourism spots, universities, major highways, military bases, all of these are important. You need to research the household median income and what is the number one economic activity in the area. The Incumbent in the House – What are the committee assignments of the representative? How do these assignments relate to or fit with the character of the district that the member represents? Does the representative hold any positions of authority? Which caucuses is he or she a part of and what do they specialize in? What bill and projects has he or she sponsored? Has this person been on the news lately and why? Any speeches they have given and any political ads. Doing Constituent Casework – Any examples of constituent services that appear on their website. What are the three most common types of casework issues he or she works on? Ideology and Voting Record – Look for information on this persons’ voting record on national key issues, and what is the Representative’s position on several issues and how is he or she rated by interest groups on the issues presented. What percentage or bills and joint resolutions have passed based on the voting record data? Does the Representative involve themselves in pork barrel projects? Provide examples of at least one. Based upon the information gathered, is the member considered a liberal? Conservative? Moderate? An explanation should be provided for this characterization. Electoral History – Election data and margin of victory, PAC contributions, and campaign finance numbers. Have they been challenge in primary elections? What is their fundraising ability? Conclusion – Is this individual a successful politician? Do you think this Representative is an effective legislator? Do you predict this Representative will win or lose in the next election? Explain

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