Discussion Topic: Social Responsibility is Everyone’s Responsibility

Your textbook discussed that as sport managers move through the 21st Century, they will be held increasingly accountable for taking a look at how their organizations can or do act in a socially responsible manner. Today’s sport management professional must think about how their organizations will contribute to society in relation to environmental, human rights, and youth development issues, among others. Sports bring people and communities together like few things do. It’s important for the president of a team to remember this and to make social responsibility a top priority for the people that work for him/her. Sometimes this is difficult because it goes against the team’s (or any organization’s) goal of generating revenue.

Research your favorite sports organization (if you don’t have one, let me know and I’ll give you one to research) and:

1) Find the team’s front office directory. Take note of how many different departments there are and discuss how each department has very different goals. (Ex–the Sales Office needs to reach monthly sales numbers, the Community Outreach department works to donate autographed items to non-profit groups, the Sponsorship department negotiates with area businesses to create partnerships, etc)

2) Then discuss how each department can work together in the name of social responsibility. Research what your team is actively doing (or not doing) & why in the name of social responsibility. Present and discuss your findings, giving specific examples of your research and provide supported rationale for the importance of these initiatives in today’s sport marketplace.

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