This assignment is about Aldo Leopold Overview: Throughout history, our profession has been instrumental in changing the way people live, work, and play. This assignment is an opportunity for you to learn more about an important figure in the history of our profession AND better understand the era in which he or she lived. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to become aware of a key historical figure in our profession and how he/she has made a difference in society and the parks, recreation, tourism, and sport management profession through his or her accomplishments. You will research who he/she was, what he/she did, and the context of his/her life. Your paper must address these questions in addition to any others you would like to include. a. (30%) During what period of time did he/she live? What was significant about this period in history? How did the recreation/leisure industry impact this era OR what advances, or changes developed for our profession during this time? Describe/explain what was happening during this time in history. b. (30%) Who was he/she? Where was he/she from? 1. What is his/her background? 2. What was he/she passionate about? 3. What was his/her philosophy? What did he/she value? What were his/her beliefs? c. (20%) What contributions did he/she make to the parks, recreation, tourism, and sports management profession? Make it clear why this person was influential in our industry and emphasize his/her perspectives on enhancing people’s overall quality of life through recreation, sport, and leisure services. d. (20%) The quality of your writing and proper citations is important for this assignment. Grammatical and typographical errors are inexcusable and will be penalized accordingly. You should address the questions and areas stated above with a well-organized, clear, and concise writing style.

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