This is an assignment that focuses on the difference between intermodal and multimodal transportation. The paper requires description of the two transport solutions in the Port of Baltimore.

Difference between intermodal and multimodal transportation

In this course we have clearly defined that intermodal transportation is a necessity in moving freight in the global market. Intermodal transportation is the movement of freight utilizing more than one mode of transportation. Intermodal freight transportation is typically characterized by the utilization of containers to move freight. In some instances, the terms “intermodal” and “multimodal” transportation is used to define these types of movements, however, both have a clear difference. Take a look at the following article that describes difference in the terms “intermodal transportation” and “multimodal transportation”.

For this research paper, you are to identify and describe two distinct intermodal transportation solutions that exist in or around the Port of Baltimore. This can be for a specific product, a specific line of products, or a general type of products. The following should be in the paper:

Specific modes and carriers used in the two solutions the global connection to the Port of Baltimore with these intermodal solutions Current trends, both positive and negative, with modes in these models. Your response coverage should be in a 4-5 page paper, not including any cover pages or works cited paged. The paper format should include the following: Times New Roman or Arial font, 12 font, double spaced, 1″ margins. The submission should follow MLA formatting, including any cover pages and works cited.

Proper citation and referencing will be put into consideration in the marking of the assignment. Also, paper structure, grammar, and submission guidelines are a vital requirement in this assignment. Ensure that the sources you use are relevant to the assignment instructions.

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