Introduction, Body and Conclusion Please Clearly describe Yale Hospital mission, vision and nursing goals. Please provide a nursing demonstrate understanding. Describe Yale’s hospital organizational NURSING mission and PHILOSOPHY. Discuss OWN PERSONAL role in meeting the unit’s mission and goals. Describe connection between the nursing department, nurisng unit and Yale’s organization’s mission and philosophy. Please provide 2 examples. Provide 2 strategies to strenghten the mission, vision, and organizational structure of the nursing department. This paper is all related to NURSING. Is Yale’s NURSING Department centralized or decentralized and why? Provide 2 examples to support description of structure. Cite 2 pros and 2 cons of Yale Hospital NURSING MODEL. 2 REFERENCES from Nursing Journals 2017-2019 PLEASE AND THANK YOU. References must be 2017-2019 APA format

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