Children’s Museum in Indiana ( Indianapolis ) Children’s Museum: Create a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation: CHT elements will be covered in Modules 1-9 ๏Pictures of the site, you can use a mix of your pictures and web images ๏Provide a description of the Cultural Heritage Tourism asset(s) ๏Physical surroundings ๏Product and experience elements (we’ll learn these terms) ๏Tourism value ๏Your personal perspectives and evaluation Present a 10-15 slide PowerPoint or Keynote presentation: ๏Provide basic info about the destination/attraction/experience; describe why it’s a Cultural Heritage Tourism (CHT) Product/Experience and what makes it authentic ๏Discuss what you liked, or didn’t like, about the Product/Experience; pinpoint at least one positive and one negative aspect of the Product/Experience ๏Discuss the core, tangible and augmented product(s) associated with the Product/Experience ๏Is the Product/Experience a trip motivator or a trip amenity? Please explain why. ๏Reflect on the brand, tagline and/or logo (its appeal and relevance) ๏Score it using the Asset Readiness/Traveler Interest Scorecard (letter/number, ex: A2) ๏Identify how the Product/Experience executes the basic features of successful CHT asset: ‣How does it tell a story? ‣How does the asset come to life? ‣What makes the product or experience participatory? ‣What makes it relevant to tourists? ‣How would you rate its quality and authenticity

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