Description The Prompt:

You are the moderator of a panel on the past, present, and future of black women’s political activism and the politics of feminism, race, and class in the 20th and 21st centuries. Your 4 panelists are Fannie Lou Hamer, the poet Audre Lourde, Gloria Richardson, and a working class woman who migrated to the North or West. The questions for the panel come from you, the moderator (a USC student in the present), Shirley Chisholm, a member of the Combahee River Collective, law Prof. Taunya Banks, and Malcolm X.

Your task:


Create this panel with questions and answers that are appropriate to each panelist and questioner based on their time period and your readings. You should cover the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements, and Say Her Name Movement (25 points), Black feminist criticism of patriarchy and homophobia (25 points). You do not need to go further than our readings, the play, or film you saw. USE YOUR OWN WORDS but keep your subjects in character. You may set the format in any way you wish but you will be graded on your ability to use our readings NOT Wikipedia other random websites * to imagine this conversation between real and fictive black women (and one man) across time and space. Do not trip up on random details such as audience, place etc, do the questions, answers, dialogue first, and then work on the setting. can only use information from sources found in attached document and must use some number of sources does not matter but has to incorporate a good amount of them from the list ONLY

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