Evaluate your personality self-assessment (attachment). Do you agree or disagree with your results?

Part 1:

Evaluate your personality self-assessment (attachment). Do you agree or disagree with your results?

Discuss the results in a minimum of 175 words.

Part 2:

Read the following TWO post. Brainstorm ways you would work with this individual in order to be productive in the workplace in a minimum of 100 words PER post. Totaling a minimum of 200 words’

Post 1:

“I received moderate to high relativism and idealism for ethical values. I agree that I am a situationist and that each situation should be analyzed individualistically. I do believe in having moral principles, but some situations require an adjustment for the sake of the team or business goals. For the personality measurement I was high in extraversion and openness to experience, moderate in agreeableness and conscientiousness, and low in emotional stability. The personality measurement is accurate, I do believe I am high in conscientiousness as well. Emotional stability is a life struggle especially being a thyroid cancer survivor and Iraqi war veteran. Between the two I have anxiety and stress issues that I try not to let interfere with my daily work activities on the job.

My feedback for diversity climate was good as far as organizational fairness, inclusion and diversity promises. I would like to hope and think that no matter where I go that a good diversity climate is met. The self-assessment for rewards I value most my top 3 in order were appreciation for work done, interesting work and good wages.The last assessment on measuring perceived treatment, it stated that I have a neutral view of fairness in my organization. I believe you get treatment based on how you treat others, the old school mentality “you have to give respect to get it”. I believe depending on situations sometimes a stern punishment is deserved and sometimes just good constructive criticism” – Jim C.

Post 2:

“After evaluating my personality self-assessment, I found out that not much has change about me since that last time I took that assessment. I took this about 6 years ago when I was promoted to Maintenance Director. The only think that change was my agreeableness was much higher now. I don’t know if that because of being in my position and have to be more patient with employees and open-minded as well. I am still scored high in all the other areas like, extroversion, conscientiousness emotional stability, and open to experience. As for this week assessment about what I want most from my career, was pretty spot on. I want to full appreciation of work done, interesting work, and room for professional work. These where my top three choices, which was mostly inline with others. The professional growth wasn’t in the normality as the top 3 choices but, someone like me that would be the normality. I take pride in career success. I do agree with all these results about my personality and what motivates me in my life. “ -Leo R.