Economic measures are an important piece of the market assessment process. In this discussion, you will work on the following critical elements of the final project: Economic Measures, and Transportation and Telecommunication. Using The World Factbook, World Bank (World Bank Video Transcript: INT-113 Geek out with Tariq – The Geek and the Internet Transcript Word Document), Trading Economics, and Santander Trade Markets, find the following economic data on your project country:
Interest rates
GDP growth rate
Exchange rates against USD
Exchange rate regime
Labor force major industries
FDI rates
Using The World Factbook, identify the following elements of physical infrastructure:
Major airports and seaports
Railway stations (government websites)
Internet users
Mobile providers (use GSMA Network Coverage Maps)
Logistics performance index rating (use The World Bank Logistics Performance Index)
Consider the data collected and make some observations on the stability and strength of the economy in your project country. What do high and low levels of unemployment indicate? What does the exchange rate regime tell you about the economy? Consider the presence of existing industries and identify areas of opportunity or risk. Also consider the logistics of shipping and distribution based on physical infrastructure.

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