What laws/regulations is the employer violating (be specific)?


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For your complete assignment, write a narrative essay in APA format (minimum 1200 words in the narrative) in which the questions below are addressed. Base the response on scholarly sources; do not simply restate the material in the text and Attend lecture.  Remember to use the third person.  Cite a minimum of  three scholarly (peer reviewed) articles (at least one minimum for each question below).  Your  textbook can be one of them. Do not use websites other than the library databases. Cite the sources in APA format with in-text citations, as appropriate. Include a single labeled reference list at the end of the narrative. Please remember that meeting the minimum will not earn full credit.

1. A call center representative suffered from a rare condition known as “brittle bone disease” that permanently confined him to a wheelchair. The call center has a strict policy on tardiness. Employees are penalized for  reporting to work or returning from lunch more than three minutes late. The representative was frequently late, especially returning from lunch. His tardiness was caused by a variety of factors including an insufficient number of disabled accessible parking spots in the company lot, a policy of not assigning specific cubicles to representatives, cluttered aisles that made it difficult to maneuver between cubicles, and lack of equipment in some cubicles. The representative requested that he be given a grace period of an additional fifteen minutes when returning from lunch. He would be responsible for working the same total amount of time, but he would be allowed to start a few minutes later if needed. Adjusting his work schedule in this manner would have eliminated almost all of the incidents of tardiness. His supervisors refused the grace period request and terminated the representative.

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1. What laws/regulations is the employer violating (be specific)?

2. Assuming the employer has a prior consent agreement in place for discrimination based on disability. How does this change the situation?

3. What accommodations are appropriate in this situation?


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